Welcome to EveryBody Matters: Embracing Size Diversity!

This course focuses on fatness as a social and cultural construction, examining the relationship between discrimination caused by body size and gender, race, and social class. Students will use social justice and healthcare perspectives to question weight bias and explore ways in which the fat community and its supporters resist sizeism.

Celilo Falls: Decolonization, Dams and Salmon in the Pacific NW

This Capstone partners with OPAL Environmental Justice, the Urban League and VOZ Workers' Rights Education Project. Students will learn the history of diverse communities in Portland while working with our partners to fight racism, white supremacy and cr

UNST 421 506 Tuesday-Thursday: 10:00 -11:50 a.m. 6 Credits


Forests, Narratives and Social Movements

Social movements have shaped the world we live in and are one of the most important sources of social change. They often organize to address issues of inequity, oppression or prejudice in local, regional, national and transnational spheres. They arise to address factual situations: the number of people without health care, levels of air pollution, racial profiling, unemployment, deaths in war or the destruction of the environment. However, facts alone are not sufficient to create social change.