Media Literacy

Instructor Name: 
Mark Oldani
Course Description: 

Popular media and advertising have a profound impact on society.  Marketing and media scholars believe the values and knowledge held and presented by popular media and advertising rival those of other important institutions in U.S Society.  Navigating in a media-saturated society presents many challenges and opportunities for middle and high school students.  Students in the Media Literacy Capstone will investigate popular media and advertising: including the effect media have on individuals, their relationships, and their environments. Students will learn and practice effective presentation methods to prepare for presentations to middle and high school students.  Students will work directly with high school or middle school teachers and professionals to prepare and complete presentations to high school and middle school students on popular media and advertising in daily life. Students will create a final project that describes their presentation, reflects on their community based learning experience, addresses the key components of University Studies, and describes what they learned about themselves and those served in their community-based learning experience.  The final project and other materials are included on the Media Literacy Capstone website is distributed to teachers and parents around the country.

Project Description: 

Capstone students will teach two one-hour lessons, with one of the community partners, a local middle school or high school on the influence of media on our daily lives. Working with community partners can be satisfying and frustrating. Before teaching, students will contact their assigned teacher to discuss lessons and times to teach. Teaching with the community partner will probably occur outside of class times. Students will reflect on what they learned about themselves and those served in their community based learning experience. Students will work directly with middle or high school teachers to research and prepare various units of study on Media Literacy.

Students will create a final project that will include lesson plans and procedures. The final product for this Capstone will be a one day in-service workshop that will involve capstone students and middle and high school teachers. In-service workshops are regularly scheduled through out the school year and are a required component of teacher continuing education. The students in the course will design and facilitate the workshop where they will present the units they have investigated and supporting materials that could assist in the teacher's curriculum development.