Sustainable Food Systems and Educational Farms

Instructor Name: 
Megan Hubbs
Course Description: 

The time is ripe to be part of the growing sustainable food movement! This class addresses the current food issues that face urban citizens by holistically engaging students in the many layers of Portland's local food and farm culture.  Students will critically analyze the state of our current food systems while being engaged in positive solutions to agricultural-related issues. The community partner and classroom is the Learning Gardens Lab, where students will gain hands-on farming experience, experientially explore their personal connection to food and the land, participate in the Learning Garden programs, and positively contribute to food security in our greater community.  Students will also build relationships within the local food network through experiences at Ecotrust, Zenger Farm and the Oregon Food Bank.

Due to the nature of this course, it will be held at Learning Gardens Lab (SE 60th Ave & Duke) with the exception of the first class, which will be held at the designated PSU classroom.