Latino Network's Summer Academia

Latino Network's Summer Academia runs during the summer months. Capstone students work with community high-need Latino youth in a green-collar work education project. Students co-build roof-top garden infrastructure and grow edibles at Trillium; set up site-visits to green workplaces, businesses, programs and colleges; facilitate green youth workshops and trainings; help run a Green Jobs Campaign; and learn about environmental and social justice. Students also assist in recruiting efforts, act as mentors, and serve as positive role models. Senior Capstone students participated in the Summer Academia providing mentoring and facilitation. This project, through providing direct service, gives students the opportunity to critically evaluate their viewpoints and attitudes as they relate to diverse communities.

Latino Network's Summer Academia, formerly the Academia Verde (“Green Academy”), develops civic solutions to the green divide by building green-collar skills of marginalized youth and by connecting environmental protection to economic prospects. The program works collaboratively with Trillium Charter School, Latino youth, neighborhood adolescents, community organizations, and Portland’s green-collar economic sector. Participants will build a roof-top garden and other garden infrastructure (located at Trillium Charter School); grow edibles; complete site visits to local green workplaces, sustainability-focused businesses, training programs and colleges; facilitate peer-to-peer workshops; learn about environmental and social justice; and run a green campaign called the Green Jobs Pledge.

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