Faculty Profile

Anmarie Trimble
As part of the University Studies core faculty, Anmarie Trimble brings an interdisciplinary experience in poetry, education, music, and media to help students find their own vital connections across disciplinary boundaries. Her 10+ year collaboration with the Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA) for the Tutoring & Empowerment Capstone is built upon her experience in student-centered pedagogy, peer-based learning, and social justice. This work in turn informs her Power & Imagination Freshman Inquiry, a theme she co-developed to explore how different modes of thinking create (and recreate) society. As musician, singer, and creative director for the art-rock band little hexes, she returns to poetry's oral roots as a means for modern engagement with deeply held cultural myths, which in turn informs her teaching in Popular Culture. She also works to bridge poetry, media, and technology, based on a decade-long tenure as editor of the now-retired groundbreaking Born Magazine (www.bornmagazine.org), which brought together creative writers and interactive artists to collaborate in the creation of literary multimedia, laying the foundation for a new approach to literary arts on the Web.
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