Regenerative Gardening, Mindfulness and Nature Connection

The time is ripe to be part of the growing sustainable food movement! This class addresses the current food issues that face urban citizens by holistically engaging students in the many layers of Portland's local food and farm culture.  Students will critically analyze the state of our current food systems while being engaged in positive solutions to agricultural-related issues. The community partner and classroom is the Learning Gardens Lab, where students will gain hands-on farming experience, experientially explore their personal connection to food and the land, participate in the Learning Garden programs, and positively contribute to food security in our greater community.

Quality Assurance for Volunteer Stream Monitoring.

Science Background Not Required.

Globally, freshwater ecosystems are at risk from a number of anthropogenic stressors. One of the foremost stressors is declines in water quality. We will partner with Sherwood Middle School to promote scientific inquiry into water quality issues in the Tualatin National Wildlife Refuge (NWR). The Tualatin NWR is one of a handful of urban wildlife refuges in the nation, highlighting a unique region where urban areas intersect with natural spaces. Understanding the effects of environmental stressors on aquatic ecosystems in this unique area is of importance to citizens and managers.

Tryon Creek: Cultural And Ecological Education. Students will participate in interpretive programs facilitated within the Tryon Creek State Natural Area.





JEAN's Urban Educational Farm Site: M/W 8:15am-10:45am


Image of forest trail with man kneeling to look closely at moss along the trail. The image is overlayed with various icons created through the Virtual Field Environment (VFE) tour software.

Students will work in partnership with the Clackamas River Basin Council to monitor over twenty stream sites both public and private. Local land owners will provide access to their stream side properties in order for students to collect and analyze water samples.

IMPORTANT: This Capstone course will not be available for the 2020-2021 academic year. 

Research and Society. The objectives of Research and Society are: Community service with an emphasis on the sciences and your research interests; Learning to communicate scientific material in various media to professional and lay audiences; Higher level thinking about questions about scientific processes & ethics—synthesizing knowledge; and, Preparation to complete undergrad work and enter grad school and the workforce.