Art for Animal Empathy

Instructor Name: 
Kimberly Mukobi
Course Description: 

The Animal Empathy Project: Creating Compassion Through Art 

Digital art can help us reach wider, more inclusive audiences to tell stories, capture emotions, and grapple with the issues of our time. This fully online Capstone examines the ways humans live with, utilize, and treat nonhuman animals in their everyday lives. Students will reflect on their identities and skills in a collaborative setting to research and create digital art that our community partner can use to advance its wildlife conservation work and increase empathy for nonhumans. Through discussions, videos and readings, students will explore the complexities of human/animal interactions through a critical lens, and will be able to identify the steps they can take to increase kindness and empathy for others. They will be a voice for the voiceless, as empowered change makers making a difference in the lives of both humans and nonhuman animals.