Barbie’s Village: Creating a tiny village home for a Native community

Instructor Name: 
Brianna Bragg, Nariyo Kono
Course Description: 

Students are invited to respond to the critical need of developing a culturally responsive fundraising strategy for the Barbie’s Village tiny home project with a local nonprofit, The Future Generations Collaborative. Students will learn more about the county's ninth largest urban Native population, and the impact colonization has had on the community, specifically access to housing. Students will have opportunities to support the FGC throughout the quarter, and engage in reflective practices around privilege, power, and decolonization.

Students will create three groups for the project-based assignments. In the process, students will develop fundraising strategies aligned with the FGC.  At the end of the term, each group proposes and showcases one action project item.  Student groups will demonstrate their learning by presenting their projects to the FGC Community Partners. 

Please read the most recent news article cited in Oregonian.