Bilingual Education

Instructor Name: 
Shayna Snyder
Course Description: 

This Capstone is spread out over two terms (3 credits each in Fall and Winter) and centers on two community-service components. First, students will volunteer as tutors/classroom aides in a bilingual Spanish/English dual immersion program at one of two local schools. In addition, students will design a classroom activity to share with the dual immersion teachers as well as participate in other projects as needed.  
During the course, students will read and discuss material that complements their volunteer experience.  Students will also keep reflective diaries (one entry per week) summarizing and analyzing their experiences as classroom aids.   Each student will write a critical summary on two articles per term dealing with issues related to bilingual education.  The summaries may be written in English or Spanish.  All Capstone participants must be able to demonstrate oral proficiency in Spanish at the 300 level. Please contact Shayna Snyder,, for more information.
Project Description: 

Guidelines for Final Project for Bilingual Education Capstone

The purpose of this assignment is to prepare an activity which can be used by teachers in the dual immersion classes where you volunteer.  This will involve getting to know the students and the teachers and their needs, goals, and interests.  You will integrate the concepts learned through readings and in class meetings with your observations and reflections to create an activity that is appropriate and pedagogically sound for use in a dual immersion class.

 Your final project will include the completed activity and all ancillary materials required for the successful realization of your activity, as well as an explaination the describes why you chose this activity and how it is suited to the class in which you volunteered.  There may be other elements to the final project based on the needs of our community partners.