Collaborations: Boys and Girls Club

Instructor Name: 
Heather Petzold
Course Description: 

This course focuses on the importance of community-based learning. As a class, we will have the opportunity to discover, evaluate, and reflect on the needs of our community by creating and facilitating educational workshops, mentoring, and exploring fundraising opportunities for the Boys and Girls Club. Students will promote teamwork, leadership and problem-solving skills. Community issues to be addressed include: compassionate communication, trauma informed care, engaged listening, leadership, mediation, cooperative learning skills, and diversity, equity and social justice. Each student will have the opportunity to mentor at the club site (Portland Metro area) for a total of 20 hours during their hours of operation (2:30-6:00 Monday through Friday).  As we are working with youth, students will need to pass a background check and complete a fingerprint check in order to fulfill the requirements of the course.  An email will be sent out one to two weeks prior to the start of the term with instructions for the online submission process.  

Project Description: 

The goal of service learning in this course is to provide a laboratory in which learning experiences address human and community needs and provides the necessary time for reflection on those experiences. Service opportunities will be structured to promote student learning and development. Desired learning outcomes include: acquiring a sense of civic and social responsibility, gaining exposure to cultural and socioeconomic differences, applying classroom learning and learning new skills.

You and your group members will be responsible for completing a portfolio or "final product." The final product will include a list of your goals for the educational workshop, your lesson plan, the workshop flyer, and other miscellaneous materials. You will need to hand in a total of three copies. One copy will be turned in for course files, one copy will be provided for the agency and one copy will be given to University Studies. Examples and guidelines will be provided in class.