Community Event Planning

Instructor Name: 
Glorie Gary
Course Description: 

This fully online course is for students who are interested in creating and facilitating a community event. This Capstone partners with Portland Parks & Recreation Adaptive Inclusion Program. Each term, students will plan and facilitate a community event that has already been arranged with the community partner prior to the start of each term. You can expect the event to be during the last 2 weeks of the term (event date and time will be announced in the first week of classes). Students will be challenged to develop skills in: event planning, speaking, listening, building community relationships, and affecting social change. This course will not be addressing fundraising or grant writing as part of event planning. Assignments will include: reading, student reflection, self-observations, online class discussion, peer to peer feedback, and task activities related to the event. Students will be challenged to: critically think about their role in social responsibility, evaluate their interactions with IDD individuals/communities and how they are affecting social change, and identify challenges that exist when addressing an issue. This course is fully online, and does not require Instructor Approval.