Community Event Planning - Spring 2020 only

Instructor Name: 
Glorie Gary & Aaron Kaio
Course Description: 

This fully online course is for students who are interested in creating and facilitating a community event. This Capstone partners with the Columbia Slough Watershed Council. Students will plan and facilitate a community event that has already been arranged with the community partner prior to the start of the term. You can expect the event to be during the last 2 weeks of the term (event date and time will be announced in the first week of classes). Students will be challenged to develop skills in: event planning, speaking, listening, building community relationships, and affecting social change. This course will not be addressing fundraising or grant writing as part of event planning. Assignments will include: reading, student reflection, self-observations, online class discussion, online lectures, peer to peer feedback, and task activities related to the event. Students will be challenged to: critically think about event planning steps, evaluate their interactions with communities and how they are affecting social change, and identify challenges that exist when addressing an issue. This course is fully online, and does not require Instructor Approval.

This course is co-taught by Glorie Gary and Aaron Kaio.

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