Creative Industries

Instructor Name: 
Anmarie Trimble
Course Description: 

What is a "creative industry"? From the sciences to the arts, any industry needs creative thinkers. The capstone explores the nature of creativity in the professional world, specifically the field of marketing. For this hybrid course, students will work together (online and in the classroom) to develop a public outreach marketing campaign for a not-for-profit organization, Fair Trade Music (, a grassroots campaign working to improve the music industry in Portland. To create the campaign, students explore the nature of creative work, consider ways to enhance the process, as well as learn the basics about research, skills, and methodologies needed to develop a marketing campaign. Students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in understanding the client's needs and work as a team-based think-tank with Portland creatives, account executives, and strategic planners from the advertising and marketing industries. As the field of marketing is comprised of individuals from diverse fields and interests, students from any major are welcome.