Criminal Justice Reform

Instructor Name: 
Christopher Carey
Course Description: 

This in-person course will explore issues of social justice through a community law approach.  Students will focus on a community-based approach in collaboration with the community partner  to learn about reducing barriers to exiting the criminal justice system.  These include clemency, parole, prison litigation, immigration and refugee status, mental illness and incarceration, non-unanimous juries and removing the criminal related barriers that keep individuals in poverty.   Specifically, the Capstone students will partner with the Criminal Justice Reform Clinic at Lewis and Clark Law school ( to assist the professor and the law students in their work with incarcerated adults and juveniles by implementing a Mail Response System and responding to the many letters and correspondence from incarcerated adults and juveniles.  Students will also help support the clinic's aggravated murder/death penalty chart/case database.  This involves reviewing all death penalty cases in the state since 1984 and updating each case's legal status including the numerous reversals and noting the effects of the new aggravated murder law which will require conducting research in news articles and legal databases, and case law.