Discovering Spain: A Sense of Place Senior Capstone

Instructor Name: 
Suzanne Savaria
Course Description: 

Senior Capstone Students visting the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona,Spain One of the most powerful learning opportunities for a student is studying abroad.  The impactful, sensory experience of being far away ultimately brings us closer to ourselves, naturally offering a platform to examine how we identify and relate to the world around us. 

In this course, we’ll delve into the idea of identity of people and place, both abroad and at home.  Using musical and cultural experiences as a lens, we’ll explore the powerful concept of identity.  In a rapidly shrinking world, when an appreciation and empathy for diversity of thought and culture is more important than ever, this class offers a creative, engaging immersion into self and our world.  In addition, PSU students are given the chance to share what they learn in a broader platform: videos and supporting curriculum that go to music programs to schools in Oregon.

June 15 - July 6 2020 Senior Capstone - Discovering Spain: A Sense of Place is a three-week journey through five unique regions of Spain: Andalusia, Castile, Galicia, Catalonia and Basque Country. Through conversations with artists and locals, concerts, immersive activities, guided tours and site visits, we will experience the culture firsthand.  The course is taught in English and all guides and activities are led in English. Applications are due March 1, 2020

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