Educational Equity

Instructor Name: 
Deborah Arthur
Course Description: 

Educational Equity explores a variety of issues related to educational equity, including segregation, school funding, standardized testing, curriculum choices, language and bilingual education, among others.  Through community-based learning opportunities, students will gain first-hand knowledge of of the problems and successes of public education.

Project Description: 

Capstone students' work with our community partner may include being a teaching assistant in classes, tutoring and mentoring students one-on-one, and otherwise supporting the mission and goals of PYB and its students.  Students are expected to work in a consistent, meaningful and earnest way over the course of the term in support of the community partners and their students. A minimum of two hours per week are required and specific options for fulfilling these hours are discussed in class. In addition to the community partners' work, students are required to write a weekly reflective summary of their community based learning in their community-based learning log. This is the students' opportunity to examine and convey what is happening for them as a result of their participation in their community-based learning, an opportunity for students to realize and to demonstrate their learning.

Additionally, students are asked to submit three reflection papers. These papers reflect upon the given prompt, and should incorporate reflection upon various elements of the course - the recent readings, community-based work, class discussions.  At the end of the term, students compose and share their final reflection with their peers. The final reflection is a summary of their experience - what they have learned and how they have been affected by the experiences of this course. This reflection can take any form the student chooses: poetry, spoken word/rant, art, music, etc.