Educational Equity

Instructor Name: 
Zapoura Newton-Calvert,
Course Description: 

The Educational Equity Capstone explores a variety of issues related to educational equity, including segregation, school funding, standardized testing, curriculum choices, and language and bilingual education, among others. The course is designed as a partnership with Portland Parks and Recreations University Park Community Center site, located in North Portland.  Serving students from Rosa Parks, Clarendon-Portsmouth, and Peninsula schools, University Parks Homework Club combines educational, enrichment, and recreational  opportunities in a supportive, energetic environment. PSU students can participate in a variety of service opportunities, including tutoring and mentoring one-on-one with Homework Club students, designing creative and thoughtful activities to help bridge the achievement gap, and participating in Family Night events with kids and families. This is a "blended" or "hybrid" course, meaning that in addition to class time, there is an on-line component. Successful completion of background checks is required for participation.

Project Description: 

As part of our work this term, you will be grouped with peers in order to work on one of the following research and hands-on projects.  Each team will do background research on current best practices and will put together a product that will help support the kids and staff at the community center in their efforts to improve and sustain programming.  More details will be given in the first few weeks of the term.

  • Lesson Plan Binder
  • Homework Club Library Organization and Possible Book Additions
  • Computer Lab Activity Development
  • Homework Club Student Tracking