Effecting Change: Russia

Instructor Name: 
Anna Alsufieva
Course Description: 

Effecting Change:  Russian International Capstone requires a 3 term committment (2 credits fall, 2 credits winter and 2 credits spring term).   This Capstone is restricted to RUSSIAN FLAGSHIP PROGRAM. Only students who are enrolled in PSU Russian Flagship program can take this course; and the course is conducted totally in Russian.

Intercultural competence is an important skill that one needs to acquire to be a successful and contributing member of modern global society. This course is the concluding component of the Portland State University Russian Language Flagship Partner Program that focuses on the preparation of global professionals. The course provides students the opportunity to explore working environments related to their professional interests particularly in Russia. While in Russia, students will participate in internships in different types of the organizations (internships set up through the Overseas Russian Flagship Program based in St. Petersburg State University and two state universities located in Nizhnii Novgorod).  Discussions, reading, writing assignments, and final projects (all will be done in Russian) will be arranged to help students explore the meaning of cross-cultural communication and the position of the professions that students selected in the modern society.  The final assignment will be a collective research project integrating students’ internship experiences and related to American-Russian cross-cultural communication. The projects are intended to serve both the Russian-speaking community in Portland and Russian language learners in the U.S.A.