Effective Change Agent Online

Instructor Name: 
Kate Kangas
Course Description: 

In this fully online course we will be exploring how to be effective change agents through volunteer work and by producing a series of radio shorts. Each student will be expected to arrange a project with a community organization before the Capstone begins. This project may be an existing relationship or one sought for the purpose of this class. A minimum of thirty hours of volunteer work is required over the course of the term. As a culminating group project, we will be writing, recording and producing a series of podcasts modeled after Radiolab shorts using stories from your volunteer experiences. These shorts will be used to supplement curriculum in a local elementary school. An in-person orientation is scheduled for Monday, June 25th from 11am - 1pm. Contact Kate Kangas by phone (503-438-5702) or email (kangask@pdx.edu) to enroll.