Food Insecurity: PSU & Beyond

Instructor Name: 
Julie Boyles
Course Description: 

Food insecurity is a challenge for students, children, parents, migrants, long-term citizens, old, young, and all other label you might apply to someone. In this online course students have the opportunity to do their "25 hours of service" in a food-scarcity-related organization in their own community. The service component of the course offers an important connection and correlation between the course materials and the validated and verified aspects of food insecurity. Students often reflect on their service as a crucial and valuable component of the course that connects students with their own community as well as tying together the topics of the course.

This online course looks at food insecurity at a variety of levels and contexts: the college environment, our Portland metropolitan area, Oregon, and the national level. If some of these questions intrigue you, our Food Insecurity capstone may be for you:

  • Does food security for PSU students concern you at a personal, institutional, or community level?
  • Do you know that Oregon has cycled into and out of some of the higher positions in terms of food insecurity at the national level?
  • Did you know that PSU has a food pantry, Free Food Market, and SNAP resources and referrals on campus? How can online students receive help with food insecurity?
  • What are nonprofit food-related organizations doing in the fight against food insecurity?
  • Would you like to see what one nonprofit in your own community is doing to fill the void of food resources for families?

Students have done their "25 hours of service" with Urban Gleaners, PACs, Rock Creek Pantry, Clackamas Service Center, Salem Food Pantry, Lift Urban, and a wide variety of others. Our course partners with PSU's Committee for Improving Student Food Security (CISFS), a task force that helps guide sustainable food security solutions for our campus. A capstone group project will be a part of the course; the offerings will benefit CISFS and our PSU students.