Garden Wellness K-6

Instructor Name: 
Megan Kupko
Course Description: 

Cultivating Wellness Practices in Public Schools Through Garden-based Education for Youth (K-6th grades)

Class times: Tuesday's 12:45-3:45pm 

Classroom Location: 1st class held on-campus in a PSU classroom (still to be determined).  Remainder of classes held at McKinney Elementary School: 535 NW Darnielle St. Hillsboro, OR 97124

Course Description: This course will explore the theory and practice of garden-based education for youth grades K-6th. The capstone will be partnered with Mckinney Elementary School in the Hillsboro School District and will assist in developing a school garden program that emphasizes "trauma-informed" wellness practices in a garden setting.  To support this work, students will explore the history and benefits of garden-based education in schools, develop mentorship and mindfulness skills for working with diverse youth in a garden setting, practice fundamental gardening skills to run and maintain a school garden and develop and implement standard-based garden lessons for the youth.  *Spanish-speaking skills are not required but helpful!

*Required service-learning hours options outside of class at the school will be held on Tuesday mornings 9am-12pm, Thursday and Fridays from 9am-3-pm.