Learning From Persons with Disabilities: Mt Hood Kiwanis Camp

Instructor Name: 
Ann Fullerton (Spring Term), Carolyn Bradley (Summer Term), Leann Horrocks (Summer Term)
Course Description: 

NOTE: This course requires an application for registration. CRNS are provided after you apply. Get apps here*

Human diversity includes the variety of abilities and disabilities we all experience. In this capstone, students learn how the lives of persons with significant disabilities are similar and different than their own.

They examine the challenges and needs of persons with disabilities and their families in society. While working as student-counselors in a residential camp located near Mt Hood, students expand their awareness, knowledge, and skills for interacting with and supporting persons with a variety of disabilities. Working in smaller groups and under the supervision of qualified staff, students use teamwork and communication skills to support each other and campers in a range of outdoor recreation activites. The two-week practicum portion of the course enables students to strengthen their personal and professional development. 


  * Program Application and More Information: https://www.pdx.edu/sped/kiwanis-program-student-counselor-application-process

  * A Video About This Senior Capstone

  * More information on being a counselor

Course Goals:

*Reflect on and recognize how your experience affects your personal, social, and career perspectives

*Learn to communicate with and support persons with disabilities

*Become part of a team that supports one another

*Demonstrate responsibility, interests, and initiative.





Project Description: 

Students will enagage in critical thinking and reflection that questions their role, communication skills and life perspectives in a diverse world. Their service will act in concert with practical course content, staff and their personal perspectives to answer the following questions:

  • *What have I learned about myself/my abilities to work/communicate with people of difference in society?
  • *How can I use what I have learned in this experience in my personal life, civic/social life, and my career beyond the classroom?
  • *Has my interaction with persons with disabilities changed my perspective or given me a foundational insight into human relationships?