Mentored Storytelling: Swinehart

Instructor Name: 
Michelle Swinehart
Course Description: 

This Capstone partners with Centennial Park School (CPS), an alternative school for at-risk students in Gresham. PSU students will provide mentoring and guidance to CPS students to help them express themselves through storytelling. The course will examine issues of social justice; power and privilege in our society, community and classrooms; holistic learning; the power of being vulnerable in a leadership role; and what creates self-advocacy. PSU students will critically engage with pedagogical theory and practice which they can then use to support students, particularly those who have been historically underserved in educational systems. CPS will bring their students to PSU campus for mentored workshops with PSU students; and PSU students will visit CPS campus during the term. Together the college and high school students will exchange and create projects based on lived experiences (non-fiction, memoir, etc.)—and present them in their preferred creative format (podcast, play/script, performed, multimedia, etc.).