Mobilizing Hope Capstone: Engaged Spirituality

Instructor Name: 
Deborah Smith Arthur
Course Description: 

This course asks each participant to examine and discuss their own spiritual beliefs, and use that reflection as a spring board for social justice activism on an issue of their choosing. All students are welcome - those with a solid faith tradition, and those with none - and anywhere in between. Each student will develop their own partnership; each partnership and project must be approved by the Instructor.

Students will have the opportunity to create meaningful relationships with their chosen community organization/partner, further explore their own spiritual belief system as related to social justice, become familiar with a variety of faith traditions, and affect positive social change. The Instructor is available to suggest possible community partners, and to support and facilitate development of partnerships. Instructor approval is required prior to registration. The class portion of this Capstone is fully online; students will determine the nature of their community based learning with their community partner.