Music in the Schools

Instructor Name: 
Sue Booth-Larson
Course Description: 

Help with the decline in music education programs in area elementary schools by developing and teaching lessons dealing with music: for example, "The Science of Music", the "History of Music", "Music around the World", or lessons dealing with rhythm, notation, and other musical specifics.

Course Learning Objectives:  Students will…

  1. Analyze the Oregon Content Standards and the current needs and characteristics of elementary schools, especially those that do not have music programs.
  2. Work collaboratively on interdisciplinary teams to research and develop lessons and teaching strategies to address the Content Standards in various curricular areas for their classroom presentations.
  3. Participate in classroom observations to learn about the diverse characteristics of elementary schools and use this information in curriculum development and teaching.
  4. Develop complete teacher lesson plans and student materials, develop visual aids, videos, listening tapes, and other hands-on materials and handouts, and practice-teach these lessons to improve presentation skills for teaching students in grades 1-5.
  5. Collect teacher input about the effectiveness of their classroom presentations, complete presentation reports that reflect on their presentations, and use this input to further refine lesson plans and presentation skills.
  6. Analyze the Capstone experience, discuss the connections between PSU and the community, the benefits and costs of working in a community setting, and reflect on the Capstone experience in terms of service learning and the University Studies goals.