Research and Society

Instructor Name: 
Mitch Cruzan
Course Description: 

The objectives of Research and Society are: Community service with an emphasis on the sciences and your research interests; Learning to communicate scientific material in various media to professional and lay audiences; Higher level thinking about questions about scientific processes & ethics—synthesizing knowledge; and, Preparation to complete undergrad work and enter grad school and the workforce.

Project Description: 

It is mandatory that Captsone students mentor science fair students.  You must meet with your student(s) at least 5 times (1 hr each meeting) and keep a journal of meetings.  If you do not meet with your student(s) at least 5 times, you will not be given credit for the science fair portion of the class (30% of class grade) even if you participate in the activities associated with science fair in our class time.  It is required that you attend the Winterhaven Science Fair.  It is required that you attend the Northwest Science Expo.

It is mandatory that students give a presentation to a school group (K-12).  This presentation must be at least 30 minutes in length and be designed with learning goals.  This presentation will include information from the students area of science expertise.