Summer Youth Enrichment

Instructor Name: 
Zapoura Newton-Calvert
Course Description: 

This summer, we will be working as tutors/mentors with the 6-week summer program Upward Bound on the PSU campus.  We will be part of the summer session of this college preparatory program offering assistance to approximately 90 low-income and first generation high school students.  98% of participants ultimately graduate from high school, 95% of participants enter college after high school graduation, and 80% of our high school graduates since 200 are still in college or have graduated.

 Capstone students will fulfill a variety of roles depending on their academic interests/skills and outside interests/skills.  In the past, students have worked one-on-one with students to support their classroom learning, with small groups inside a classroom, and with special projects.  A detailed list of available roles will be emailed before the term begins.  This is a long-standing partnership with a lot of rich possibilities for teaching and learning!