Little White Salmon Biodiversity Reserve

"We believe that a wholesome and secure society depends upon inspired, educated and caring individuals. We are encouraged by the constructive influence on the habit and attitude of young people that comes from positive encounters with the natural world.

Communities of Support and Accountability

Communities of Support and Accountability works with local communities to make our prison systems more humane. They rely on a restorative justice model and develop strategies to connect the community with prisoners in positive ways, such as re-entry victim voices, family visitation, and letter writing to prisoners.

Rigler Elementary

Rigler Elementary is located in the Cully Neighborhood in NE Portland. More information can be found in the Portland Public Schools web pages.

Apprenticeships in Science & Engineering

The Apprenticeships in Science & Engineering (ASE) program connects motivated high school students with mentors in pre-professional science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) internships.

Living Cully

Living Cully is an innovative collaboration that formed in 2010 between Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East, Hacienda Community Development Corporation, Native American Youth and Family Center, and Verde. Through its work in NE Portland’s Cully Neighborhood, Living Cully reinterprets sustainability as an anti-poverty strategy by concentrating environmental investments at the neighborhood scale and braiding those investments with traditional community development resources.

Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research

Kaiser Permanente's Center for Health Research pursues a vigorous agenda of public health research within large, diverse populations. Their research scientists are a highly diverse and skilled group with specialties ranging from psychology to anthropology to economics to epidemiology.

Kaiser Permanente's Center for Health Research will host the students’ presentation, and researchers in healthcare disparities will provide feedback.