Adelante Mujeres

Adelante Mujeres (Flourish/Rise Up Women) is a 501(c)(3) in Forest Grove, Oregon working to educate and empower low-income Latina women and families. We provide low-income Latina women and families the tools to achieve self-determination in the areas of education, empowerment and enterprise.

Early Childhood Education
The early childhood education program fosters healthy parent-child relationships, enthusiasm for learning, and social and emotional development of the children.
The Adelante Mujeres Early Childhood Education (ECE) Program is an on-site bilingual school which teaches early literacy skills and builds kindergarten readiness among the pre-school aged children of the women participating in our Adelante Educación program.
The ECE program exposes children to a variety of experiences with print motivation and awareness, letter knowledge, the sounds of language, and other early literacy skills to equip pre-school children with the building blocks necessary for success in school.
Activities include interactive literacy activities, music class with moms, and one hour each day where the children interact with their “Reading Pals”, community volunteers who join the children for reading and skill building.

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