Campus Compact of Oregon


Campus Compact of Oregon convenes and supports the work of educational institutions individually and collectively to improve their practice around institutional equity, collaborative learning, and community engagement to respond effectively to a racially diverse and changing Oregon.



Our members provide inclusive and equitable learning opportunities that strengthen communities and empower our students to be agents for positive change.



Campus Compact was founded in 1986 by the presidents of Brown University, Georgetown University and Stanford University to advance the public purpose of colleges and universities.  Campus Compact of Oregon was founded in 1996 by the presidents of Portland State University and Willamette University with a focused mission to support the development of service and civic engagement on college and university campuses in Oregon.  As the largest network of higher education in the state and the only nonprofit representing two-year, four-year, public and private colleges and universities, we continue our work to deepen community and civic engagement and collaborative learning both on- and off-campus.  Now our focus also embraces creating social capital and civic agency as we address educational inequities and together build thriving communities in Oregon.



In order to create a thriving society that draws upon our common humanity and cultural wealth we embrace the following core themes:


Collaborative Learning (learning together differently)

Equity & Racial Justice (working together differently)

Partnership (creating a different impact, together)

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