Cascade AIDS Project (CAP)

Mission: Lead efforts to prevent new HIV infections, care for people affected and infected by HIV/AIDS, educate communities to eliminate stigma and shame and advocate for immediate action in combating the pandemic.


Vision: Cascade AIDS Project strives for a future where, absent a cure:

  • New HIV infections are eliminated.
  • Those who are already living with HIV/AIDS manage it well as a chronic disease.
  • All people assume responsibility for eliminating stigma, preventing new infections and supporting those who are positive.
  • Services are innovative, culturally relevant and proven effective.

Manifesto: CAP is about change.  Changing people's thoughts and actions in the face of an ever-changing world.  CAP is a collection of luminaries who have come together to create a stronger light.  Not quietly going about their business, but inspiring people to act.  CAP is a badge for those who believe there's a better way and who are willing to charge ahead and fight to see it happen.  CAP is about hope.  Hope that the efforts of a likeminded group can stem the tide of inertia and ignorance and reveal the power of passion.  CAP is about being charged with a mission to move > ever forward > and radiate an electricity into the community that simply cannot be ignored.

(503) 223-5907