Clackamas River Basin Council

Clackamas River Basin Council is a voluntary Watershed Council, founded in 1997 with representatives elected from 21 diverse member groups in the basin. We meet monthly as a consensus-based forum to foster partnerships for clean water, healthy streams, and abundant fisheries in our watershed. Our aim is to protect and improve water quality and fish and wildlife habitat, and support the quality of life for those who live, work and recreate in the Clackamas River basin.

The Student Watershed Research Project (SWRP) is a long-term riparian and aquatic monitoring program that couples watershed education with the collection of high quality data.  SWRP will be working with the CRBC (Clackamas River Basin Council), who have funds to support PSU Capstone students to do outreach with a broad audience during a local community fair, in addition to analyzing samples collected from landowners within the community.

Capstone students will put on an interactive learning exhibit at a local community festival - Damascus Days; work with local land owners to obtain water samples; analyze water samples, develop a feedback system to provide volunteers and creek side landowners with information on the quality of their local surface water, and report findings to the Clackamas River Basin Council.

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