Forest Grove School District

Students will assist certified teachers in the Summer Success Academy for migrant children in Forest Grove.  Students will tutor for six hours per week for 5 weeks.  This Capstone will be especially helpful for PSU students in education, the helping professions, International Studies, Chicano Studies.  Spanish fluency is not required.

The Forest Grove School District will provide a meaningful opportunity for students to meet UNST goals and course objectives.  FGSD will co-ordinate, monitor, and assist capstone students to facilitate a productive learning experience.  FGSD will support the tutoring experience through contact with the instructor.  FGSD will provide a fair and through assessment of each student's participation in the service experience and provide opportunity for students to correct any deficiencies.

Students will abide by the volunteer policies of Forest Grove School District.  Students will report and evaluate their experience with the Instructor and FGSD through weekly tutor notes.

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