Friends of Tryon Creek


The mission of Friends of Tryon Creek, in partnership with Oregon State Parks, is to inspire and nurture relationships with nature in our unique urban forest. 



It is important to ground ourselves and acknowledge the people whose land we are utilizing ; the Clackamas Chinook, the Wasco-Wishram, the Willamette Tumwater, the Multnomah, and other Chinookan peoples, as well as the Tualatin Kalapuya, the Cayuse, the Molalla and other tribes and bands of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers. It is important to acknowledge the original inhabitants of the land now known as Tryon Creek State Natural Area, and to recognize that we are here because of the sacrifices that were forced upon them. We also remember that we are guests of this land and must do our best to honor the original peoples, through authentic cultural narratives and continued stewardship of the water, the land, and plants that make up this forest community. To follow our acknowledgement with action, we will continue to use our resources to prioritize partnerships with Indigenous tribes, tribal governments, and inter-tribal organizations.



Friends of Tryon Creek envision a collaborative, creative and engaged community where people and wildlife thrive in relationship to each other and Tryon Creek State Natural Area. The Friends’ intention for this special place and the people connected to it – now and in the future – inspires fun, action, well-being, and ecological and community health.



Friends of Tryon Creek is committed to acknowledging social justice, identity, and power structures in past and present settings through diverse perspectives. For us, this means all programs employ an equity framework, incorporating diversity trainings and workshops throughout our extended community, including board, staff and volunteer base. We seek to support our whole community in their effort to reclaim, reconnect and build relationships with the natural world. Our commitment is built and sustained through authentic partnerships with communities of color, culturally-specific organizations, and other historically under-represented groups. 



Read our 2019 Annual Report

  • 4,500 students served annually through Field Trip, After-School and Nature Day Camp programs

  • 20,000 volunteer hours each year represents a $482,800 value in service

  • 1/3 of our annual operating budget is made up of many meaningful gifts from our community of individual donors.

  • 110 acres certified through Backyard Habitat Program at some level within City of Lake Oswego – amplifying the habitat value of our urban forest.

  • 260 acres of invasive English Ivy removed by volunteers.

  • 40 years of Nature Day Camps and counting …



Volunteers give over 20,000 hours each year to support Friends of Tryon Creek and Oregon State Parks education, outreach and stewardship programs. Whether guiding hikes, pulling ivy, greeting visitors, building forts, or leading school field trips, our volunteer community helps to make Tryon a unique urban forest. 

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