Hogar Infantil

Breaking the cycle of poverty through education is the goal of Hogar Infantil, a non-denominational home for children in Mexico's poorest state of Chiapas.  Started by the personal efforts of American Nich (pronounced "Nick") Anderson when he began feeding street kids of Chiapas in 1963, and supported by other foreign tourists, Nich's work quickly grew into a children's home named Hogar Infantil.  In the nearly four decades of its existence, Hogar Infantil has remained true to this mission. Thousands of children have benefited from the nurturing environment at Hogar Infantil and the generosity of donors whose belief in it continue to make Hogar's work possible.

Located on a ranch in a valley near the town of Ocozocoautla, Hogar Infantil is a magical place of the heart that provides food, clothing, shelter, medical care, education and -- most importantly -- hope to about 100 destitute, abandoned and abused children.   Originally begun as a shelter for boys, since 1990 Hogar's doors have also been open to girls who now comprise about one-third of the ranch's population.  One in four of Hogar's children is a true orphan; the remainder have no adult who can safely and adequately care for them.  Children arrive on our doorstep with empty bellies and the clothes on their back, hopeless, uneducated survivors of a life of poverty.

At Hogar Infantil, these children find a home that won't abandon them.  Rather, they are given the tools to become healthy, independent adults. Hogar's children truly appreciate the opportunity to go to school.  Early abuse, deprivation and malnutrition make it difficult for all of Hogar's children to be successful in pursuing higher education.  Providing our children with practical skills such as sewing, carpentry, auto mechanics, farming and hairdressing, along with the 3 Rs, bolsters their self-esteem and assures their independence when they leave Hogar.  The recent addition of a sewing cooperative that produces commercial quality t-shirts provides Hogar's teenage youth with important life skills such as a work ethic and money management.  It also gives them a nest egg for establishing themselves when they leave Hogar.

About one in four of our residents pursues a higher education, fully supported by Hogar.   Through the years, the support of our donors has provided the opportunity for these young people to become doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, and public administrators, to name just a few.  During their college years, they work at Hogar a few hours each week, helping to reduce our expenses and providing encouragement and positive role modeling to the younger children that keep the hope of a life without poverty alive in the heart of Hogar Infantil