Kairos PDX

KairosPDX is a non-profit organization focused on delivering excellent, equitable education to underserved children, their families and their communities. Through innovative pedagogy, community collaboration and family partnership we are closing Portland’s persistent achievement gap in measurable, sustainable ways. Our mission is to eliminate the prolific racial achievement and opportunity gaps by cultivating confident, creative, compassionate, leaders who exceed expectations at each milestone ages 0-10. We do this through a three-pronged approach that includes:

  • A K-5 Learning Academy
  • Family Connections Programming
  • An Early Learning Network

We cannot begin to make meaningful and lasting change in our education system unless all voices are lifted, unless the table is set with not just the usual subjects, but the unusual…unless we get to the root of inequity and weed it out.  

We want to bring the voices to the table who are systemically left out. We want to change the tide of the achievement gap that continues to deny access to opportunity to thousands of youth. Opportunity that generations of people fought for…died for. We can do better. 

Join us in changing the tide. Join us in seizing this Kairos. 

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