Museum of the City

EXPERIENCE the power of Place . . . Museum of the City

It is a virtual museum about the world's cities - past . . . present . . . future.
It is about the design of cities and the people who live in them.
It will be a forum for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and informed opinion between specialists and civilians.
It is a collaborative project of Portland State University and the Museum of the City, Inc., an Oregon 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.


As you learn new things, make notes about the type of exhibit you might wish to create and share with others, here in our virtual museum.

A PLACE TO SHARE your City with Others

Unlike most museums, the Museum of the City is a virtual space, a digital museum with electronic galleries in which citizens, students, scholars, curators, and professionals in the study, planning & design of cities are invited to submit their own exhibits.

Our Exhibit Information Page explains how to share your knowledge & discoveries with all of us.