Our House

The Our House team works with people with advanced HIV/AIDS who are having difficulty managing independent living. They tailor services for each individual that defines what “living well” means to them. Our House provides integrated health and housing services to people with HIV/Aids. Guided by compassion, collaboration and respect, they provide: 24 hour specialized care, adult foster care, and independent housing with support service.

Consistent with their vision and core values, their Philosophy of Care is based upon compassionately and effectively meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of their residents and clients while embracing the Harm Reduction model.

Our House recognizes that people with mental illness and/or addictions are suffering from a disease of the brain. Similar to any chronic disease, the people who are affected will have ongoing problems with treatment and resolution, and may likely suffer remissions and relapses. The course of the disease is highly variable and its severity may also vary.  Their methods of treatment are flexible, supportive and strive towards a gradual progress towards goals.

Even with this philosophy, however, Our House will not tolerate behavior that poses a danger to staff, volunteers, the resident/client or others.