People’s Food Cooperative

People's Food Cooperative cultivates a thriving local economy by integrating ecological responsibility, local food systems and cooperative ownership with equitable business practices in a lively community marketplace.

The People's Food Cooperative envision an involved & active community, cultivating an evolution of society by advancing localization, the cooperative principles and values of social, economic and environmental responsibility. People's Food Cooperative provides the community with a village center. We empower our member-owners by nourishing & nurturing the whole individual with an abundance of healthful products, services and information, with access & choice for all. People's demonstrates a thriving business model that supports an empowered & engaged staff, and a well-served membership united in our passions to cultivate an abundant & resourceful world in which cooperative values flourish.

Ecological Responsibility: We take extreme measures to mitigate environmental burdens while creating a beautiful space that is human-scale and authentic. Our building methods and materials, as well as our operational techniques, are a showcase that normalizes the 7th generation philosophy in which, what we put in can become what the future may use.

Localization & Cooperation: People's recognizes the connection between a thriving local economy and the growing cooperative movement worldwide. People's contributes to a healthy local food system, which provides a strong foundation for our economy. Our local identity and unique character is based in establishing relationships that allow us to directly source our products from local businesses, farmers & producers. Member-Ownership & participation in our co-op is a valuable asset to our community. People's strengthens the cooperative movement by purchasing from cooperatives around the world and by networking with local, regional & national cooperative organizations.

Diversity & Community: People's fosters empowerment and enhancement of community through services and programs, as well as through structure and policy. We are committed to maintaining a welcoming environment that is not only void of discrimination but also celebrates the diversity & creativity of the individuals & families that make up our community. People's lively community marketplace and common areas create opportunities for people to make connections.

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