Portland Roasting Coffee

The Capstone community partner is a local Portland business, Portland Roasting Company. Portland Roasting Company proudly aspires to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.  Co-founder Mark Stell started on his path to supporting the UN MDG's in 1992 as a PSU student attending the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Earth Summit) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The company considers it their mission to search out not only great coffee but beans that are grown by farmers who are committed to stewardship of the land. This goes hand in hand with deepening our longstanding commitment to sustainability with it's very own Farm Friendly DirectTM Program. As a component of that program Portland Roasting Coffee Company is currently involved in a water pump initiative in Tanzania working with an African NGO, Water for All (www.waterforall.org)
Their website, www.portlandroastingcompany.com - states: "Our way of doing business is built on integrity and trust and the belief that everyone will win if they are given and receive their fair share. Farm Friendly DirectTM mirrors our sustainability philosophy as well - for us it simply means being guided by a set of values that affects every decision we make with regard to our customers, farmers, products and employees."