Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE)

RULE is the first higher education institution in Cambodia. It was originally found in 1948 as the National Institute of Law, Politics and Economics.

Realizing that the public sector and private sector are the two pillars in supporting the development of Cambodia, the university set its broader objective. Traditionally, the university's sole objective was to develop human resources for the public sector. But now, the objective enlarged to include the private sector as well. Various training programs in business administration were established and rapidly developed and recognized. Year after year, the university had been proud of sending many talented individuals to both public and private sector. The university's alumni now are working in various government's ministries, private companies and international organizations. Beside the roles of supplying  competent human resources to Cambodia's society, RULE serves another role as gateway of Cambodia to the world. This role is proved by a vast cooperation with international institutions and universities through the exchange of students and faculty members.