Student Watershed Research Project (SWRP)

Capstone students provide quality assurance for the Student Watershed Research Project (SWRP). SWRP is a long-term riparian and aquatic monitoring program that couples watershed education with the collection of high quality data. SWRP coordinates long term stream monitoring in the Portland/Vancouver Metropolitan area while offering training and technical assistance to teachers and volunteer monitors in other areas.

The SWRP works with between 15 and 20 schools in the metro area; these schools include inner city, outer southeast, suburban westside, and more rural schools in Hillsboro and Forest Grove - students represent a diverse population as far as socioeconomic and cultural perspectives. Capstone students visit classrooms where they provide technical support regarding lab techniques as well as helping students prepare presentations and posters for the student summit in May. Over 300 high school students participate in the summit hosted by the University of Portland. The PSU students help with planning and hosting the event and may also help with the evaluation of student projects.

Capstone students working with high school students are exposed to the challenges of working with students that come from diverse backgrounds especially in relation to socio-economic, multi-cultural/multi-ethnic, and learning styles. High school students may also have diverse perspectives on their role as far as stewardship.