Sunnyside Magnet School

Sunnyside offers a K-8 educational option that includes a neighborhood attendance area.

The Sunnyside Environmental School is a community of students, educators, parents, neighbors, and alumni, working together to create a safe, nurturing, and educationally excellent learning environment for young people.

They are a small, multi-cultural urban public K-8 school drawing students from all of Portland’s diverse neighborhoods. They are actively teaching and learning a holistic, integrated curriculum.

Exploring themes of their many overlapping environments, students develop academic knowledge and skills while demonstrating personal and social responsibility for all living systems.

Special programs and features

  • “Reading Buddies,” service-learning experiences with the elderly and homeless; “Adopt A Park” program, and curriculum based camping trips.
  • School gardens and compost bins teach horticulture and sustainability.
  • Rotating curriculum themes : River, Mountain, Forest.
  • Visual arts demonstrate and teach curriculum concepts.
  • Required Spanish language and culture courses enable students to earn high school level language credits.
  • After school activities: Theatre, musical, a marimba band, a garage band and choir.
  • Required algebra courses provide high school credit for many students and geometry is available for advance students.
  • Physical education is integrated into curriculum through sports, hiking, kayaking, camping service learning.
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