Taking Ownership PDX

Welcome to Taking Ownership, a small-but-mighty community collective of contractors, realtors, neighbors, and businesses brought together by Portland musician, activist Randal Wyatt. Together we renovate and revive Black-owned homes that have requested our help, with an emphasis on enabling Black homeowners to age in place, generate wealth and simultaneously deter predatory investors and realtors to deflect the gentrification process. While nothing can undo the decades of harm imposed upon Portland's Black community via deliberate historical redlining, gentrification and systemic racism, Taking Ownership is turning the tide with a commitment to impactful grassroots change in support of the Black residents of our city. Taking Ownership is dedicated to raising funds and awareness with a team of passionate activists aided by volunteers hitting the streets and making a significant difference in the lives of our Black neighbors. We are always looking for volunteers, and we will put your skills to work, whether it be by fixing a toilet, fundraising, repairing a roof, or putting out the call for resources - Taking Ownership has a need for your time and talent. Together, we are a strong and powerful presence offering support to the Black community that helped shape Portland, this wonderful city we call home.