The City of Beaverton

The ultimate goal of The City of Beaverton is to increase communication amongst community residents while increasing public awareness of The City and its desire to collaborate with its community and work successfully for the full civic and personal development of each resident. The City’s goal is influenced by scientific, social, political, cultural and economic factors.

The City of Beaverton is dedicated to creating meaningful dialogue, engaging citizens and using the tools of research and advocacy to support public policies that promote the healthful function and positive collaboration of its citizens.

The ability of our Community Partner to achieve their goals will be influenced by the quality of our class work.  Your responsibilities will include:

  • Immersing yourself in community conversation principles and strategies by thoroughly reading the current research, seeking out existing programs, participating in class and through your own experiences.
  • Familiarizing your self with assigned community conversation issues, including doing independent research.
  • Understanding and fulfilling your role in the work and final product for our Community Partner.
  • Participating fully, sincerely, and collaboratively in small group, team and class activities.
  • Focusing at all times on the quality of your work.
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