The Macdonald Center

The Macdonald Center recognizes that social isolation is a common side effect of homelessness and mental illness yet few services are in place to address this concern.  Through its outreach programs, the Macdonald Center aims to build trust and respect, to nurture a sense of community, and to link Old Town residents to services which will help them address the particular challenges they face.  They also view themselves as a center for service-learning through which volunteers learn first-hand about issues of poverty, social justice, mental illness, and community building.

Among the forgotten in the city are persons with chronic mental illnesses, those who suffer with addictions and others in very poor health. Addictions and mental illnesses, combined with poverty, destroy people's dreams and hopes and opportunities. Life becomes harsh and people are deprived of basic resources and everyday choices. Among these poor in the city, human frailty and risk are very high; human freedom and dignity are very low. The Macdonald Center considers these forgotten, suffering people to be our neighbors.

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