Walk of the Heroines

The Walk of the Heroines realizes a vision — that of a special place to honor the women who have illuminated our lives. The Walk will be an innovative park designed to give artistic recognition to women's vital contributions to our society and to daily life.

Located at the juncture of Portland State University and the South Park Blocks, the Walk of the Heroines will add to the city's growing array of cultural attractions and provide a civic gathering place for public events. Portland residents and visitors alike will be inspired as they discover new dimensions of heroism in the stories of women honored, as they see the common threads connecting women's lives across the divides of time, place, and culture, and as they enjoy cultural and educational events celebrating women.

Why is this project important? Whether as teacher, scientist, business or political leader, artist, or athlete, or in the more private roles of mother, sister, friend, or volunteer, women's contributions shape our lives, our culture, and our society. Through the Walk of the Heroines, we can celebrate this presence in a lasting and public way. The Walk pays tribute to the rich spectrum of women's activities, honoring women from diverse backgrounds and giving visibility to their achievements. The Walk project also supports a permanent fund for student scholarships and community programming through the Department of Women's Studies at Portland State University.

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