Willamina High School

The Willamina School District is dedicated to the personal development of each student to their potential while maintaining rigorous standards allowing for individual differences and the opportunity to succeed.

As students acquire skills and abilities, they must become proficient in the skill subjects, attain efficient and effective work habits, develop a healthy life-style with positive attitudes, and cultivate a variety of intellectual interests. Students must assume responsibilities of their citizenship in a global society. While learning to appreciate their individual heritage, students will cultivate a respect for others.

Willamina High School believes:

  • Learning should be an exciting, rewarding and productive activity which fosters a positive attitude toward schools and education.
  • Students shall become life long learners
    Parents must be actively involved in their child's education
    Staff and parents should work as partners to aid each student's intellectual physical, moral, emotional and social growth so that the individual can become a responsible community member and lead a personally rewarding life.
    Schools must provide an environment that is physically an emotionally safe, stressing self respect as well as respect for others.
    The community and the schools should develop a partnership for the mutual support of each other.
    The district shall concentrate its efforts in basic education and excellence in instruction to help every student perform above average in all academic and professional technical areas.
    Students should be involved in a variety of activities which build life skills and encourage creativity.
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