Wilson High School

Students will work directly with high school or middle school teachers to research and prepare various units of study on Media Literacy. Students will use a methodology that focuses on case studies that investigate Media Literacy and its influence on a variety of subjects. Students will determine, by interest and experience, the units to be developed and then supported as the content of the in-service workshop. Possibilities include: Media and Politics, Media and History, Media and Resource Allocation, Media and Consumers, and Media and the Military.

Wilson is a comprehensive public high school with a proud tradition of excellence. In addition to our core curriculum, Wilson offers Advanced Placement courses and advanced level courses in English, science, mathematics, computer science, music and art, foreign language and social science. Rigorous programs are also available in marketing, visual and performing arts, computer science, and professional technical education. At the 9th grade level, teachers team for global studies and English in our Freshman Humanities Seminar program offering the support of a smaller learning community as freshman students transition to high school. We offer electives in all six Career Pathways, although our areas of strength in these are: Arts and Communication, Business and Management Systems, Human Resources and Industrial Engineering. Our programs allow students to pursue a rigorous course of study and encourage high academic performance and intellectual growth while also allowing students who excel in fine and performing arts to develop their gifts.

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