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Sabina Haque
I joined the full time studio art faculty at Portland State University as the James DePriest Professor in Ethnic Art. I have considerable elementary/secondary teaching experience, having taught art in the Boston and Los Angeles Public Schools and have partnered with community outreach programs, like the Huntington Museum of Art, WV to provide workshops and facilitate large-scale murals, with underserved school–age students at various public sites. My task at PSU is to establish community partnerships with and design educationalopportunities for underrepresented populations in the Metro region. Specifically, two essential goals are to: 1. Create educational opportunities for our art students to collaborate with underrepresented populations, and 2. Establish pathways that encourage under represent populations to attend PSU. In last five years Art and Community Maps capstone has partnered with Portland Public Schools and SUN afterschool Programs at Fernwood Middle School,Grant High School and Harvey Scott Elementary in NE Portland metro area. I received my MFA in Painting from Boston University and BA in both Education and Studio Art from Smith College, MA. In addition my own work is steeped in community outreach and my exhibitions record and artwork includes non-western art traditions.
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